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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Weberks 3

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All new weberks 3 is here !!!!!

Weberks 3

This is the all new ultimate Weberks 3. Made for you so that you can rock the web.

Features :-
 - 'Any Pic' Theme system
 - Back Music Funtion
 - Qik. Qik allows you to make instant HTML sites and retrive other HTML site's codes ! Has More functions as calculator, dictionary etc.
 - Switchers
 - All new super designed address bar !
 - Check mail
 - Favourites
 - Web Property Viewer
 - Send Mail, without loging in to your Email ID !
 - Socialization ! Allows you to socialize easily and even does not occupy your browsing space !
 - Super Tab Controller !
 - True system info. For downloading Matters !
 - Compactible with all downloaders
 - Super Quick Downloading !

Compactibility :-
 - Is compactible with all windows OS. Requires .NET Framework 3.5 or above, .NET Framework will not be required in Windows 7 and Windows Vista because it is inbuilt.

Crediting :-
 - This software is completely made by Nirman Dave.

-: Download Weberks 3 :-
Fixing download link. Sorry for the inconvenience.
Size : 904.94 Kb (exact figure)

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