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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

TuchOut is ready to brush you off !

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TuchOut is and interactive software which acts as an alternative to the boring paint program for a windows touch/non-touch PC. TuchOut is interactive and trendy. So, get ready to paint your life with TuchOut! TuchOut can be used to make animations and perform different photo making/editing tasks. TuchOut  is a simple graphics painting program. It is often referred to as TouchOut or TuchOut. The program opens and saves files as Windows bitmap (24-bit, 256 color, 16 color, and monochrome, all with the .bmp extension), JPEG, GIF (without animation or transparency, PNG (without alpha channel), and TIFF (without multiple page support). The program can be in color mode or two-color black-and-white, but there is no grayscale mode. It is well known for its simplicity and still has strong associations with the immediate usability of the old Windows workspace.

-: Download TuchOut :-
Size : 1.27 Mb (exact figure)

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