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Saturday, February 8, 2014


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MathBlend is a windows application that allows IB math students to explore, learn and discuss different math topics. The application makes use of different websites to search videos and information about any math topic. Additionally, students can download different math questions and resources for the IB.

"Created for educational purposes, MathBlend can assist students in deciphering the mysteries of mathematics and improving their skills. It is a handy home practice tool that alongside the school lessons and the teacher's explanations can significantly contribute to one's education."
- Mihaela Citea, Softpedia

-: MathBlend Home :-

-: User Interface :-

-: MathBlend Chatroom :-

-: MathBlend Requirements :-
.Net framework 4.0 or above
Adobe flash player
Adobe PDF reader

-: Download MathBlend :-

-: For more information visit :-
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