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This is project Ant!

What is Antable?
"The Ant" is a multi-touch table created by two Indian high school students - Nirman Dave and Anuj Vaishnav. With this you can make your computing experience more flexible than ever before. The idea is to create a simple, powerful and brilliant multi-touch system which can be cheaply available for all. Its applications can be stretched widely from school blackboards to restaurant menus. This multi-touch table is worth a shot!
This is a project where we converted a piece of paper into a multi-touch surface table. The first touch surface that does not include any touch sensors. I initiated this project along with my friend when I was in grade 11.

Our Work
We basically, started with a simple USB web camera. After removing its infrared filter. We realized that it can be used to track hand movements. With this we created a system where a computer can be controlled with your hand movements. And finally arrived at this multi-touch table.
Our design philosophy
We strongly believe that the way we design something is really important as it is the main factor of influence in today's technological world. Therefore, we have designed a clear and powerful system that can allow your hand movements to be captured, parallely, filtering the other movements out.



  1. Could you post a article on how to do this if its open source ?

  2. i guess u r using heat signature of the finger tip to track them

    1. He has used the shadow of the fingers or hand for tracking which is really brilliant ! :)


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