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SourceNick is a collection of code scripts that provides programmers with modules for programming which makes coding simple.

PyE Module
The PyE module allows coders to code an email sending script in python for Google mails. What's new in PyE module is that it reduces the coder's efforts by narrowing down a 23 line code into a 2 line code!

Cal Module
The Cal module allows coders to access the details of time and date in lesser lines of codes. While the default python module needs 12 lines of code to access the date and time details, Cal only needs 2 lines of code to do the same operation! Have a look at how Cal reduces the lines of code.

Npen Module
Npen module allows python coders to edit/create text files from python with lesser lines of code. Have a look at how Npen reduces the lines of code.

Snett Module
The Snett is a new module for python which allows coders to code translation of texts and allows the coders and the users to view a detailed information of the activity too. The Snett is 50% more efficient than the built in python codes. This is because python takes up 4 lines of code for an activity the Snett can do in 2 lines.

More modules coming soon. Stay tuned!


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